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Focus: SEO Recovery and Regaining Top Rankings

In this case study, the SEO To Real Estate Investors team will explore the journey of Cash Home Buyers in Pittsburgh. They are a famous real estate investment company. Today, we will see their successful efforts to recover from a sudden loss of rankings due to Google algorithm changes. Our primary focus was implementing an effective SEO strategy to regain their top positions in search engine results. The SEO To Real Estate Investors team tried everything to bring back the rankings.


Cash Home Buyers Pittsburgh, a leading real estate investment firm, has built a solid online presence. However, they faced a significant setback when they lost their top rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs) due to Google’s algorithm changes. This sudden loss of visibility led to declining organic traffic and missed opportunities to connect with potential sellers.


Firstly, before complaining about the team that did SEO for real estate investors, we focused on where the problem came from. Here are the challenges faced by the SEO To Real Estate Investors Team.

Loss of Rankings

The website experienced a substantial drop in rankings across key real estate investment-related keywords, resulting in a decline in organic traffic. Competitors went up, which was a painful moment for the entire team and the client.

Algorithm Uncertainty

Navigating through Google’s algorithm changes was challenging, as the specific reasons for the drop were not immediately apparent. We have to wait for more information to come in patiently.

Competitive Landscape

The real estate investment industry is fiercely competitive, and regaining lost ground was essential to staying ahead of competitors. If you fall one step, your competitor will move up quickly, and it will be challenging to return to the top again.

SEO To Real Estate Investors found this challenging and decided to join again as a team. All team heads discussed the issue, and we collected everyone’s views. The domain authority was good, yet the ranking was lower.

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Instead of waiting for more updates about the Google search algorithm, we decided to work on the website. Here are some of the steps we took to overcome the challenges.

SEO Recovery Strategy:

Firstly, we had to concentrate on SEO for real estate investors. So, we grouped the team again and asked them to analyze the issues and competitors to submit a final report. Here are the steps the experts of SEO To Real Estate Investors undertook.

Comprehensive SEO Audit

A detailed website audit helped identify the factors contributing to the drop in rankings. It included assessing on-page and technical SEO elements.

Keyword Research and Optimization

A fresh round of keyword research helped to identify relevant, high-value keywords. The on-page SEO team then revamped the website, optimizing meta titles, descriptions, header tags, and content. We also focused on LSI and long-tail keywords.

Content Strategy

The team prepared a renewed content strategy to publish valuable, informative content related to real estate investment in Pittsburgh. It included blog posts, guides, and case studies. We researched our competitors’ content strategy and modified ours to the global standards.

Backlink Analysis and Cleanup

A thorough analysis of the website’s backlink profile helped identify and disavow low-quality or spammy backlinks that might have contributed to the ranking drop.

Local SEO Reinforcement

We improved our local SEO strategies by optimizing Google My Business, updating NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) consistency, and encouraging customer reviews. We added more local SEO keywords in the content section, too.

Continuous Monitoring

Regular monitoring of search engine rankings, website traffic, and user engagement metrics helped promptly identify any fluctuations or issues. We slowly created a sheet to monitor the changes we made and the corresponding changes in the rankings. It helped us improve ourselves.


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Ranked First Again After A Huge Setback


As expected, we didn’t get quick results. But there was an improvement. We were following Google updates regularly. As every team focused on improving the website, we started seeing progress. The real estate investors’ website was back to the top in a few months.

SEO Recovery and Ranking Restoration

Improved Search Rankings

Within seven months, the website regained lost rankings and achieved top positions for key Pittsburgh real estate investment keywords.

Increased Organic Traffic

As the website got #1 rankings again, organic traffic rebounded, surpassing pre-algorithm-change levels. As we acted on time, we were able to revive the website as quickly as possible.

Enhanced Content Marketing

Valuable Content

The new content strategy led to the creation of valuable resources that attracted and engaged users, contributing to improved website performance. We focused on potential visitors and posted content that could benefit them.

Rebuilt Authority

The consistent publication of informative content reestablished the client as an authority in the Pittsburgh real estate investment market. The real estate investor once again dominated the real estate market in Pittsburgh!

What We Learnt?

SEO To Real Estate Investors easily navigated the challenges posed by Google algorithm changes. The team did not panic as their experience said these things happen, and they can come back by implementing a strategic SEO recovery plan. The website regained its top rankings in SERPs through auditing, optimized on-page elements, valuable content creation, and backlink analysis. This effort increased organic traffic, a more substantial online presence, and a reaffirmed position as a trusted real estate investor in Pittsburgh.

This case study highlights the importance of adaptability and a robust SEO strategy in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Companies can recover from SEO setbacks and maintain their competitive edge in the online marketplace by continuously monitoring performance and taking proactive measures. If you need SEO for real estate investors, contact us anytime.