Real estate investment is a highly competitive business, both offline and online. Search engine optimization makes it easy for potential sellers to find your business, increasing your chances of attracting motivated leads. But if you’re looking to boost conversion rates or improve branding, you need to do more than just basic SEO, like content optimization or title tag optimization. Read on to learn how video marketing can help build credibility and trust.

Video Marketing SEO Real estate investor service Video Marketing SEO Real estate investor service

Why Do Real Estate Investors Need Video Marketing?

Videos Increase Conversion Rates:

Trust is an essential element in the real estate investment business. And what better way to gain the user’s trust than through videos? One study found that real estate investors can improve conversion rates by as much as 144% using just one video on a landing page. This is especially true for videos featuring humans, as it builds a sense of familiarity. When potential clients learn more about you and your brand, they’re more willing to do business with you.

Video Create An Emotional Connect:

Videos about past clients discussing how you helped them escape their dilemma can create an emotional connection with users who could be in a similar situation. By combining movements, colors, and facial expressions, you can make it easy for motivated sellers to connect with your brand. Being in real estate, I’m sure you understand the power of emotions in driving business decisions.

Improved Search Engine Rankings:

Videos drive a massive boost in organic traffic through SERPS. That’s because people are more likely to spend a longer time watching a video than reading a lengthy article. More dwell time directly encourages Google to recognize that the information on your video is valuable to users, thereby improving search rankings. The more people spend time on your videos, the better your pages will be ranked.

Creates A Better Understanding of Your Business:

While homeowners across the country know about cash home buyers or house flippers, they’re unsure how the process works. A Q&A session can help potential clients understand what you offer and why your solutions are viable. This is especially useful for elderly clients who may have trouble reading lengthy articles and images.

Video Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Investors

Video Marketing SEO Real estate investor service

Testimonial Videos

If videos create an emotional connection between your brand and potential clients, testimonial videos take things a notch higher—they make your brand authentic. Positive testimonials and reviews improve trust in a company for a simple reason: We accept genuine feedback from people as long as it is not seen as marketing but shown as social proof. We suggest using genuine reviews from people who have worked with you. Try using a Q and A format for the testimonial to ensure it has all the information you want highlighted. Some of the questions the testimonial must address include who you are and what your company does, the client’s problem, your solution, the client’s experience during the process, and the deciding factor that prompted the client to choose you.

Video Marketing SEO Real estate investor service

Real Estate Investor Profile Video

Are great for branding and building credibility in the local community. Profile videos help sellers find you, understand you, and trust you. Create professional videos explaining your experience, expertise, certifications, past clients, connection to the local community, and passion for the real estate industry. You could also include client testimonials or local causes you are passionate about.

Video Marketing SEO Real estate investor service

FAQ Videos

While people have heard about cash home buyers, they’re not really sure how the process works. You can create videos that answer common worries or misconceptions about the business. You can discuss current real estate trends and their impact on homeowners, educate landlords about their rights and offer solutions to practical problems, alert homeowners about the markets to help them make quick decisions, etc. – the options are endless. Customer education is a great way to attract new clients and retain them as well.

Video Marketing SEO Real estate investor service

Before-and-After Videos

Flipping homes is an integral aspect of this business. You can share this aspect of your business to attract potential sellers and show them how much time and effort is needed to transform a house. These videos also help during negotiations—you can convince homeowners about the time and effort required to transform a place.

How To Create Impactful Videos – Tips and Tricks

The key to creating an impactful video is crafting a clear and compelling message that resonates with the audience and has a solid call to action. It’s about allowing your story to shine. While you don’t need a professional team to create impressive videos, working with one has advantages. But if you don’t have the budget for it, here’s what we suggest:

  • Start with a good script that evokes emotions and helps build trust.
  • Pay attention to lighting. Use natural lights when showcasing a property.
  • You can also transform photos into videos, especially if you are creating before/after videos.
  • Use your brand elements, such as logo, color, font, etc., to reinforce the brand identity.

But creating a powerful video is just half the job—the real deal is maximizing its impact and setting it up for success. To do this, you need to include relevant keywords and use them carefully in your metadata, content, video description, etc. And if you promote them on social media, make sure they’re captioned and hashtagged with the right keywords.

Use analytical tools to monitor your views and check engagement and click-through rates. Most importantly, pay attention to your audience’s demographic data, including their age, location, etc., to ensure you reach the right audience.

Video Marketing SEO Real estate investor service Video Marketing SEO Real estate investor service

Why Choose Us For Video Marketing?

Experience In SEO And Real Estate Investment

We’ve been in the SEO industry long enough to know how to create and market videos effectively. Our real estate industry experience helps us develop ideas that resonate with your target audiences.

Full-Service Video Marketing Services – From Script Writing & Production To Editing & Marketing

We cover the entire gamut of video marketing, including script writing to professional video production, editing, and marketing to the right audiences on the right platform.

Multi-platform Marketing

Promote your videos on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc., using the right keywords and hashtags. We know that different platforms have different audiences that must be engaged accordingly. Sometimes, this could even include creating different scripts. We ensure your videos are optimized to perform effectively on each platform.


How does video marketing help boost search rankings?

Videos enhance the quality of your content, improve the time people spend on your site, and help you earn quality backlinks.

How long should a video be?

This depends on the type of video and the platform you’re promoting. For instance, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts allow only 60-second videos, but you can post long-form videos on YouTube. Similarly, FAQs will be lengthy, but you can post time stamps to let people get to the part they need help with.

How to get started with video marketing?

Call us or fill in the online contact form to get started with video marketing for real estate investment SEO.

Video Marketing SEO Real estate investor service Video Marketing SEO Real estate investor service
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